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What is is an online platform for employers and recruiters. They are able to view the profile of potential job seekers and contact them directly.
Job seekers can create their profiles on Employers can then search for suitable candidates and offer a job without viewing their contact details.
Job seekers also have the opportunity to join their own online professional community or social network as a private or publicly viewable community.

How is different from other websites?

We can help you to find your dream job.
Registration on is your first step to change your career and reach your goal. We combine resources, jobs, friends, community, groups and messages as well as profiles to optimize career development totally free of cost.
It is not only an ideal place for Job seekers to get a job but also for recruiters to search for potential candidates.

How can I use as a Job Seeker?

Add your profile to our database and hundreds of employers will be able to access your details. They can then contact you if they believe you meet their requirements.
You can find your job very easily and free of cost.

How can a Job Seeker protect his/her privacy?

Your privacy is fully protected as a Job Seeker.
Employers can’t see your mobile number, email address or home address unless you, yourself share it with them.
An employer can just send you message or SMS, which will be delivered to your mobile without showing your mobile number to the Employer.
Job Seekers also have full control on their profile privacy settings. They can select their privacy criteria during registration and even after registration by logging into their account. Just click on “setting” option and select a suitable option given under “Who can view my Profile” field.

How can I increase my profile visits?

You can subscribe to a “Premium Account”. This will entitle you to high visibility Profile listing and unlimited messages.
Keep your Profile current. Frequently check your Profile and keep it updated.

How can I join Community?

We have created communities on basis of “Industries”.
Go to your preferred industry or desired community and click on the button “I Want Access” to join that specific community.

How do I upload a photo?

Enter your profile section, click on “Update my image” and then browse the image you want to set as your profile picture. Your image width should be 126 and height 185 pixels and should not be more than 1MB. Please note that you can only upload JPG or GIF image. It is highly recommended to upload your professional photo only.

How do I change my email?

You can change your Email by going into “Setting” and providing another Email address.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going into “setting” option and providing another password.

I forgot my password; can you send me a reminder?

Just go to “Log in” field on the top right corner of the website and provide your email under the “Forgot password” field to get your forgotten password promptly.

How can I invite my friends?

You can invite your friends by clicking on the “Contacts” menu, and selecting the sub menu “Invite contact”. By providing your friend’s email and name, you can send him an invitation with or without a message.

What are Recommendations?

You can recommend another person and his profiles that you think is recommendable, and comment about him by sending a message to him and leaving feedback. That recommendation will be shown in his profile if he/she accepts it.

What if I don’t like a recommendation that someone gave me?

You receive an email when someone recommends you, and you are given an option to select or reject the recommendation.

How do I post an Event?

You can post an event by clicking on “Post Event” option given in the Explore menu and providing the details about the event.

How can I upgrade my profile to premium?

By going to “advertise me” option given under the “profile” menu, you can select a suitable package that suits you and become a premier member.

Why should I be a premium member?

By becoming a premium member you increase your profile visits as you can advertise yourself. Your profile will be advertised on the right side of the website and not only more visible and prominent but also easily noticeable by all members of the website.

How can I use as an Employer?

An employer can register on by creating an Account. Then provide all the information about their company. An Employer can access any of the services we provide: job posting, profile search, and inclusion of your business profile page on our website.

How can an Employer search for suitable Candidates?

An Employer can search all candidates in “” search field on home page. You can also search from the top menu by selecting the preferred or required Industry, State and Category. Once you click search, you will be shown a list of job seekers that display the information you are looking for.

Can I limit my search to a certain area?

Definitely, an Employer can refine his search by providing the preferred location or state in the search fields given under “Search Find Worker” section.

How can an Employer make contact with Job Seekers?

By opening a Candidate’s profile, an Employer can easily send a message or SMS to the Candidate by Clicking on “Send Message” and can receive a reply in the Inbox. Due to Job Seeker privacy protection, we don’t show Job Seeker’s mobile or email address to an Employer.

How can I post a Job on

Only an employer can post a job, by clicking on “post job” option under the “explore” menu. There will be a cost involved for it, which you will see on job posting page.